Folding Gate
Space dividers are exactly what their name suggests. They compartmentalize a given space. However, unlike room dividers, they are not traditionally meant to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These serve as security measures to guard certain sections of a home or office. The dividers come in few different ranges and all are sturdy and battle ready. Rest assured that these dividers are not flimsy and will not fall under the slightest pressure. To bring these space dividers down will not be an easy task. This is exactly the reason why companies all over the world trust their defenses to these dividers.
Outside View-Store Front Security 1
Inside View - Store Front Security 2
Gate Folded - Store Front Security 3
Store Front Security 4
Store Front Security 5
Shipping Dock 1
Folded - Shipping Dock 2
Shipping Dock 4
lockpin top&bottom-shippingDock5
lockpin top&bottom-ShippingDock6
Access Control 1
Access Control 2
Access Control 3
Entrance Door Security 1
Entrance Door Security 2
Entrance Door Security 3
Entrance Door Security 4
Security Curtain 1
track-Security Curtain 2
sliding castor-Security Curtain 3
Space Divider 1
Space Divider 2
Space Divider 3
Security Enclosure 1
Security Enclosure 2
Loss Prevention 1
Loss Prevention 2
Movable Barriers 1
Movable Barriers 2
Security tubular 1
Security tubular 2
Security Curtain 1
track-Security Curtain 2
sliding castor-Security Curtain 3
Office/School 1
Office/School 2
Racking security 1
Racking security 2
Safety Barrier 1
Safety Barrier 2
Security Cage 1
Security Cage 2
Security Cage 3
Security Cage 4
Track & sliding - Security Cage 5
warehouse Parition 1
warehouse Parition 2
Patio Door Security 1
Patio Door Security 2
Patio Door Security 3
Patio Door Security 4
Lock 2
Lock & Fire Quick Release 1
Fixed Bar
The fixed bar is one of the most effective crime prevention physical security measures we have. We install these internally or externally. These grilles provide more than adequate security to homes, offices or commercial establishments. The advantage of these bars is their durability and reliability. There are made from steel bars, round or square and are of varying thickness. They can be installed on windows and doors and are highly practical. The great performance of the fixed bar in the most adverse conditions namely increment weather makes them a must have in the security department.
Fixed Window Bar 1
Fixed Window Bar 2
Fixed Window Bar 3
Hinged & Removable Bar
Ideally located in the basements, this hinged and removable bar is perfect for securing the window in the basement. Aptly names this bar is hinged and removable and thus is extremely easy to clean and also for other maintenance purposes. The other advantage of a removable bar is that it provides a way to escape should the need arise. The hinged and removable bar on the window is generally made to size. However, in some instances these bars can be made flexible and can then fit any window, irrespective of size. The bars come equipped with a lock and key that is given to the owner for possession. This key, fitted in the lock, is used to remove the bars when needed.
Hinged - basement window bar 1
Hinged - basement window bar 2
Hinged - basement window bar 3
Iron Bar
The most widely seen security feature, iron bars; are now almost invisible to us, so accustomed have we become to seeing them everywhere. These are the basic, highly effective, and greatly utilized bars we use across windows, doors and walls to keep the intruders out. The window bars come in a great variety of designs from the simplistic to the futuristic. There are the plain horizontal and vertical bars laid across each other while some of the designs are more complicated. These bars come in all shapes and sizes and are can be made to order depending on its usage.
Security Iron Bar & Door 1
Security Iron Bar & Door 2
Wire-Grid Panel
The wire-grid panels used is a variety of settings serve as an effective security measure. They act as deterrents to minds planning a crime and they can also be used as great partitions. These panels have different designs. Some are removable while others are not. There are other distinctions that separate them. For example, some of the panels have intricate designs while some are made with simple designs. Some are flexible and some are study and unmovable. Wire-Grid panels are mostly used in banks, bars and other commercial establishments that can be liable to rowdy behavior from its patrons. These panels are very good at protecting and shielding those that need it.
Wire-Grid Patition 1
Wire-Grid Patition 2